Teaser Photographs

We posted some teaser photographs on our Facebook page. Here are two:

Scene from "Don Q Learns to Keep it Real," Novel Ideas, March 2011

Scene from "Based on a True Story," Novel Ideas, March 2011



Hearing from One of Our Writers

One of our plays this year is Christian Neuhaus’s slight retelling of a classic Sherlock Holmes story. Christian shares his writing process and his enthusiasm for the show on Dane101.

He writes:

After seeing last year’s Actor’s Factory production, The Diviners, I was confident that Deanna and her cast could handle stage directions like “Kung Fu duel ensues” and intellectually provocative dialogue like “When these two cats eliminate the impossible, whatever remains is an action explosion!” or “The Red-Headed League has everything to do with the Disco Bandits.”

Kung Fu duel?…Action explosion?…Disco Bandits?…Could this be what he has in mind?

Find out, this weekend!

Scene from "Danger has Red Hair," Novel Ideas, March 2011

Scene from Based on a True Story

We had a productive final week of rehearsal in the Opera House. Our photographer made a few pictures Wednesday to whet your appetite. Here is one, a scene from Based on a True Story, by Nolan Veldey.

What kind of woman would wear a headset and a suit like that? And what could she have done to make that man so mad at her? Find out this weekend.

Scene from "Based on a True Story", Novel Ideas, March 2011

More to come, here or on our Facebook Page.

Publicity Photographs

Actor's Factory people lurk in the back of the Stoughton Opera House

On Monday, January 3, the cast of Actor’s Factory gathered in the Stoughton Opera House for a publicity photo session. After several hours of shooting, 200 photographs, and even more hours of editing, we have four official publicity photographs.

Actor's Factory cast members double as bounce card holders

The set is available on Facebook for friends of Actor’s Factory who want to promote the show. Feel free to Like, Share, and Tag the Facebook images.

If you would like to use these photographs in some other way (such as in a review) see the high resolution versions on Flickr. Kindly abide by the usage terms listed there.

Here are the four photographs:

Holmes assures the owner of the Baskerville Disco that her glitter is 100% safe. (Scene from "Groovy Mystery" 2011)

Don, the great-great-great grandson of Don Quixote, wearing his sister's bakeware as armor, attempts to get a hotel room for the night. (Scene from "Don Q" 2011)

Amy Debree of Contrivance Productions explains where you can file a complaint. (Scene from "True Story" 2011)

Lizzie learns of Mr. Wickham's designs on her sister, Lydia. (Scene from "Mask and Masculinity" 2011)

The New Actor’s Factory Webpage

Ladies and gentlemen, friends of Actor’s Factory:

Welcome to the new Actor’s Factory webpage.

The page has been in the works for several months. Now that we have a new Facebook page, it is time to take the wrapper off the website too.

We hope that this page gives you a feel for the fun and energy that is Actor’s Factory. Look around, learn about Actor’s Factory, relive last year’s performance of The Diviners, or read what our critics have to say.

This page will not be updated often, but you can subscribe by email or RSS below to be notified when it is.