2011—Novel Ideas

Written by Nolan Veldey, Isaac Walker, Terese Kattner, Christian Neuhaus, Rheannon Lyons, and Doug Reed.
Directed by Deanna Reed


In 2011, we presented Novel Ideas, new works by several talented local writers, both established playwrights and Actor’s Factory alums. The performance featured new takes on classic literature by Jane Austen, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Miguel de Cervantes.

Novel Ideas consisted of four plays and two monologues:

  • Based on a True Story, by Nolan Veldey. The lives of a bored journalist, energetic environmental activist, and budding songwriter weave together in a modern parable of conflict and acceptance.
  • Mrs. Weasley (monologue), by Isaac Walker. Mrs. Molly Weasley, ofHarry Potter fame reflects on her experiences and those of her daughter Ginny.
  • Don Q. Learns to Keep it Real, by Terese Kattner. A young man imagines himself to be a heroic figure, with comical and unexpected results.
  • Danger has Red Hair, by Christian Neuhaus. A humorous retelling of the Sherlock Holmes’ story The Red-Headed League, set in the very hip 1970s.
  • A Free Book Speaks (monologue), by Rheannon Lyons. A lonely used book hopes that a child will buy her and bring her life meaning.
  • Mask and Masculinity, by Doug Reed. Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice, retold and reinterpreted from the gentlemen’s point of view.


Several media sources gave us previews:

Production Details

The Actor’s Factory production of
Novel Ideas
Directed by Deanna Reed
Costumes by Polly Poupore-Craig, Carola Breckbill, and Laurie Everitt
The Stoughton Opera House, 381 East Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin
March 11, 12, and 13, 2011


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