2010—The Diviners

Written by Jim Leonard
Directed by Deanna Reed


In 2010, we performed The Diviners, Jim Leonard’s tragedy, set in rural Indiana in the depths of the depression.

The main character—Buddy Layman—nearly drowned as a child. The event left him mentally disabled, but with a sixth sense for the coming of rain. His gift is a boon to local farmers, but a strain to Buddy, who relives his frightful near-drowning with every rainfall.

C.C. Showers, a preacher running from his calling, arrives in town and befriends the boy and his family. Buddy’s search for relief from his fear, and C.C.’s search for his purpose, end in tragedy, down by the river. 

See the pre-show writeups at 77Square and the Onion A.V. club, and the program on Stoughton Cable’s Stoughton Today (beginning at minute 38:40).

Production Details

The Actor’s Factory production of
The Diviners
Directed by Deanna Reed
Costumes by Polly Poupore-Craig
The Stoughton Opera House, 381 East Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin
March 5, 6, and 7, 2010

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