2005—Strange Noises

Strange Noises publicity poster, 2005

Written by Matt Gryzbowski
Philip Heckman
Terese Kattner
Rob Matsushita
Debra Neff Nathans
Doug Reed
Holly Walter Kerby


Directed by Deanna Reed


Actor’s Factory’s 2005 season featured a world premiere of seven new short plays, written by local playwrights for young actors.

Scene from The Tea Party, 2005

Act I featured high comedies and dramas.

  • Tea Party, by Matt Grzybowski, is a wacky farce about the battle for a community tea room.
  • Make Like a Tree, by Debra Neff Nathans, is a modern retelling of the Apollo–Daphne myth and the jealous rivalries between new found friends.
  • Petit Curie, by Holly Walter Kerby, is a drama about the mother–daughter relationship of Marie and Irene Curie, set behind combat lines during WWI.
  • The Job, by Terese Kattner, is a wacky comedy about two luckless bank robbers in depression-era Kansas.

Scene from Monkey Queen, 2005

Act II delved into more thought-provoking issues facing youth. Geared toward middle school audiences and up, it featured the following plays:

  • Monkey Queen, by Phil Heckman, is a shadow puppet play inspired by traditional Javanese Puppet Theater. It is about three girls working through the joining of their broken families.
  • Mandatory, by Rob Matsushita, is a journey through the strange world of middle school assemblies.
  • The Last Supper, by Doug Reed, is a comic drama about what happens when everyone in a family talks but nobody listens.

Production Details

The Actor’s Factory performance of
Strange Noises
Directed by Deanna Reed
Costumes by Carola Breckbill
The Stoughton Opera House, 381 East Main Street, Stoughton, Wisconsin
April 1, 2, and 3, 2005

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