Publicity Photographs

Actor's Factory people lurk in the back of the Stoughton Opera House

On Monday, January 3, the cast of Actor’s Factory gathered in the Stoughton Opera House for a publicity photo session. After several hours of shooting, 200 photographs, and even more hours of editing, we have four official publicity photographs.

Actor's Factory cast members double as bounce card holders

The set is available on Facebook for friends of Actor’s Factory who want to promote the show. Feel free to Like, Share, and Tag the Facebook images.

If you would like to use these photographs in some other way (such as in a review) see the high resolution versions on Flickr. Kindly abide by the usage terms listed there.

Here are the four photographs:

Holmes assures the owner of the Baskerville Disco that her glitter is 100% safe. (Scene from "Groovy Mystery" 2011)

Don, the great-great-great grandson of Don Quixote, wearing his sister's bakeware as armor, attempts to get a hotel room for the night. (Scene from "Don Q" 2011)

Amy Debree of Contrivance Productions explains where you can file a complaint. (Scene from "True Story" 2011)

Lizzie learns of Mr. Wickham's designs on her sister, Lydia. (Scene from "Mask and Masculinity" 2011)


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